Samrt Style Family Hair Salons - Stop hating on smart style

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Smart Style is a great place and i have been a customer for years and actually worked for them years ago. Customers you need to be more friendly and stop coming in like the world owes you something.

Stylist and managment need to stop complaining and work within the system and quit trying to run things like they own the company. People need to have patience and understanding.

For goodness sake customers need to stop asking to look like a model when a stylist can not perform a miracle on an over processed mess of hair.

For people thinking about going in to the field of Cosmetology, STOP; because if you don't have what it takes and think it is easy it isn't. Stop coming in the field with your lazy, untrained, drama bound lives.

People stop and be nice and we all can function as one to get what we need in life.

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